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The Invincible Thoughts of the Black Panther Party

ID Number: 3218
Maker: Emory Douglas; Black Panther Party
Technique: offset
Date Made: 1969-02-21
Place Made: United States: California
Measurements: 44.5 cm x 57.5 cm; 17 1/2 in x 22 5/8 in
Main Subject: Black Panther Party; African Americans; Viet Nam War Era
Materials: newsprint (fiber product)
Digitized: Y

Full Text:
Arthur Morris 28 Bobby Hutton 17 Tommy Lewis 18 Robert Lawrence 22 Steve Bartholomew 21 Welton Armstead 17 Sidney Miller 21 Frank Diggs 40 Alprentice Carter 26 John Huggins 23 John Savage 21 Sylvester Bell 34 Alex Rackley 24 Nathanial Clark 19 Larry Roberson 20 Walter Pope 20 Spurgeon Winters 19 Fred Hampton 21 Mark Clark 22 Sterling Jones 17 Wherever death may surprise us, it will be welcome, provided that this, our battle cry, reach some receptive ear, that another hand stretch out to take up weapons and that other men come forward to intone our funeral dirge with the staccato of machine guns and new cries of battle and victory. Che Guevara The Invincible Thoughts of the Black Panther Party Can Never Be Destroyed Because They're Manifested in the People 1. March, 1968 Los Angeles, California Arthur Glenn Morris (also given as Arthur Glenn Carter) Dead Killed by counter-revolutionary nigger 2. April 6, 1968 Oakland, California Bobby Hutton Dead Police Ambush-shot as he surrendered, with hands in air, unarmed, after 90 minute shootout involving over four dozen police 3. August 25, 1968 Los Angeles, California Tommy Lewis Dead Killed by police 4. August 25, 1968 Los Angeles, California Robert Lawrence Dead Killed by Police 5. August 25,1968 Los Angeles, California Steve Bartholomew Dead Killed by police 6. October 15, 1968 (or 19) Seattle, Washington Welton Armstead Dead As Armstead was tinting the windows of his car police drove up, questioned and harassed him about a stolen car. Armstead decided to defend himself and got his rifle- asked police to leave him alone. By this time, more police had arrived. Armstead's mother and sister begged police not to shoot. Officer Buttedahl was standing face to face with Armstead, shot him in the heart. At inquest, Buttedahlk claimed Armstead turned to run witnesses claim this is not true. Verdict: justifiable homicide. 7. November 7, 1968 Seattle, Washington Sidney Miller Dead Killed outside grocery store in W. Seattle by merchant who claimed he thought Miller was going to rob the store. No attempt had been made to rob the store. While leaving store, Miller was shot in the head. 8. December 30, 1968 Los Angeles, California Frank Diggs Dead Shot by Police 9. January 17, 1969 Los Angeles, California Alprentice Carter Dead Killed by US-UCLA 10. January 17, 1969 Los Angeles, California John Higgins Dead Killed by Us-UCLA 11. May 21, 1969 New Haven, Connecticutt [sic: Connecticut] Alex Rackley Dead Murdered by Fascist pigs 12. May 23, 1969 San Diego, California John Savage Dead Killed by US 13. August 15, 1969 San Diego, California Sylvester Bell Dead Killed by cultural nationalists 14. September 4, 1969 Chicago Illinois Larry Roberson Dead Died of wounds received in July 17, 1969 shootout with police – charged, along with Grady Moore, with attempted murder and interfering with officer. Charges against Moore later dropped. 15. September 12, 1969 Los Angeles, California Nathaniel Clark Dead Killed by police agent 16. October 18, 1969 Los Angeles, California Walter Ray Pope Dead Killed by Metro Squad 17. November 13, 1969 Chicago, Illinois Spurgeon Jake Winters Dead Killed by police 18 December 4, 1969 Chicago Illinois Fred Hampton Dead Shot in bed while sleeping, in police attack on home, Came into community in Illinois Bell Telephone truck followed by police squadrons and canine units; blocked off entire area and moved on apartment. Killed one other, wounded four others arrested tree. 19. December 4, 1969 Chicago, Illinois Mark Clark Dead Killed in same attack above. 20. December 25, 1969 Chicago, Illinois Sterling Jones Dead Killed by pigs

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Production Notes: Pages 16 and 17 of May 25, 1969 issue The Black Panther Newspaper

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