No Nukes in the Pacific

ID Number: 2800
Maker: Pam Debenham; Tin Sheds
Technique: screenprint
Date Made: 1984
Place Made: Asia & Oceania: Australia; Sydney
Measurements: 91 cm x 65 cm; 35 13/16 in x 25 9/16 in
Main Subject: Anti-Nuclear (Ecology)
Materials: paper (fiber product); wrapped, corners
Digitized: Y

Full Text:
No Nukes in the Pacific For a Nuclear Free & Independent Pacific Tin Sheds- 692 3252 (c) Pam Debenham '84

Acquisition Number: 1995-028
Translation: Ningunas Armas Nucleares en el Pacífico. Entre 1945 y 1992, Estados Unidos probó 1,032 bombas nucleares. La mayoría de estas pruebas se llevaron a cabo ya sea en el Sitio de Pruebas de Nevada, donde más de 900 se llevaron a cabo o en los terrenos de pruebas del Pacífico en las Islas Marshall. Estados Unidos llevó a cabo 105 pruebas nucleares atmosféricas y submarinas en el Pacífico, con rendimientos extremadamente altos, con un rendimiento en referencia a la cantidad de energía liberada durante la denotación. Aunque las bombas lanzadas en las Islas Marshall componen solo el 14% de las pruebas del Estados Unidos, estas componen el 80% de los rendimientos totales de las bombas nucleares estadounidenses.

"No nukes in the Pacific, 1984 and Still life, 1984. Both posters were produced out of my concern during the 1980s for the continual armaments buildup by the super-powers and the continued nuclear blasts in the Pacific. The poster No Nukes in the Pacific was inspired by the knowledge that a traditional Hawaiian shirt with a design of a bomb blast was produced in affirmation of the first tests on the Bikini Islands in the 1950s. Also, like many Australians, I feel an affinity for the coastal landscape of our country and the sense of our close proximity to our Pacific Island neighbours. Having replaced these Pacific resort names by the nuclear test sites with the mushroom clouds punctuating the sky, the Pacific peacemaker boat charts its message between the affected atolls and islands. The voice of the individual protector is conveyed through the visual map of the shirt." Pam Debenham July 1992 text taken from

Copyright Status:
Under copyright; used by CSPG with permission.

Exhibition Annotation:
Between 1945 and 1992, the United States tested 1,032 nuclear bombs. Most of these tests took place either at the Nevada Testing Site, where over 900 were conducted, or at the Pacific Proving Grounds in the Marshall Islands. The U.S. conducted 105 atmospheric and underwater nuclear tests in the Pacific with extremely high yields, with yield referring to the amount of energy released during detonation. Although the bombs dropped at Marshall Islands made up only 14% of the U.S.’s tests, they composed 80% of the total yields of U.S. nuclear bombs.

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