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Shitface Meets Shithead

ID Number: 31067
Maker: Enema Productions
Technique: offset
Date Made: 1990s
Place Made: United States: California, Los Angeles
Measurements: 42.8 cm x 28 cm; 16 7/8 in x 11 in
Main Subject: HIV/AIDS; Politicians & Campaigns
Materials: paper (fiber product)
Digitized: Y

Full Text:
Shitface Meets Shithead The Constitution of the United States Article II Section 4 The president, vice-president and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. "[The Equal Rights Amendment on the Iowa ballot this November] is a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians." Pat Robertson "My friends, no matter how rough the road may be, we can and we will, never, never surrender to what is right." Dan Quayle Your Divineness, help me! The epidemic launched by Ronald Reagan to kill off the queers is eating up our own people and destroying America's future. Already over a quarter of a million are dead. George lies about the money we're spending on care and research. He's old ad a loser. Hell, he and his children have stolen the wealth of the country. Now I fear we're all doomed. Please tell me: after my children die a horrible death from AIDS, can you still get them into Heaven for me? Calm yourself, Brother Danforth! It is our duty to destroy everyone who is not a white, heterosexual, male committed by megadollar tithing to Christ. Therefore, as long as your children get HIV-infection from the blood supply you contaminated, or from an infected person you failed to protect and educate about exchanging body fluids such as semen and vaginal liquids, or from a syringe you kept unclean by failing to recommend washing with bleach followed by rinsing with water. I can still deliver them unto Jesus, to sit at the master's feet in glory. Hallelujah! But if they get AIDS because they imbibed alchohol [sic] and/or drugs, then neglected to put latex condom with water-based spermicide on their sex partner before taking a thick, juicy, throbbing cock up the ass like you did with Terry Dolan, then they are beyond my power and must forever dwell with Sodomites and Gomorrahians in Satan's Hell! Oh, thank you, God! My prayers have been answered. Just last week I stopped molesting the kids, and my bovine wife was artificially inseminated, so they're all safe. And as for Terry Dolan, even though we had great sex for years, who cares about a frivolous little faggot who died of AIDS anyway? So, now tell me, how much of my soul will it cost to get reelected this fall? How about leftover Iran-Contra blood money? We still have millions that never got shipped to Iraq after the war because of Congressional snoopers. Not so fast, Your Viceship! Let's take a closer look at this offer. One bright, shiny new four-year term in which to further ruin planet Earth, while being just a heart attack away from controlling women's lives and the Supreme Court, in exchange for your shame-soaked soul full of lies and hateful deceptions hardly strikes this country preacher as much of a bargain. If you really want to replace Old Fartface, you better come up with a pot sweetener. You know, something to spice up my life ... and bank account. All right! You can have prime time television to keep your crumbling ministry alive. You can dictate or entire convention. And the total treasury of the Republican Party is yours. But every day till [sic] the real election, I am going to choose to dress up in a real man's uniform like the kind I avoided in Vietnam. I am going to bend your big butt over, and then I'm going to shoot hot bullets of sperm up your ass, so you never forget who's the boss at the White House. Oh, thank you, GOD! Christian soldiers in the end! Enema Productions Flushing Out The Shit Of America

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